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Staff and objectives of the Cultural Budobooks

The association Budobooks  was founded with the intention of helping those who teach martial arts to properly communicate with their students. We believe that good communication, also aided by the immediacy of professional illustrations and built with all the technical rigor of which the subject needs, is one of the pillars on which every teacher should base its teaching.

The subject is delicate: children are hungry to learn and the teacher must be able to guide the learning process in the right direction with the help of all available instruments. Good teaching helps children to grow and produce better adults.

the President

Federica di Marino
is the president of our association. Practice Aikido since 1980 and since 1998 has been teaching this martial art to children. Sh'is 5th dan Aikido.
Coordinates the activities of the association and tidies up systematically all the ideas of the working group.

the founders

Francesco Dessì
 is the soul of Budobooks. His drawings, his passion for martial arts and expertise are the driving force of all publications.
Practice Aikido since 1983, holds a 6th dan Aikikai Tokyo and 3rd dan Iaido. Over the years, for further study of this martial art he studied at the basic level, other disciplines such as Karate-do, Shorinji Kempo, Kendo, Kenjutsu, Judo, Jodo (degree awarded 1st kyu CIK). He is an instructor of women defense. He teaches in Milan.

Web site : www.francescodessi.com

Nicola Ronci is the director of communications for the association. Nicola is also an avid Aikidoist since 1985 and currently 3rd dan Aikikai Tokyo Aikikai of Italy.Lives in Tuscany, raising the deep and justified envy of the other founders, works and about the Internet since 1995 and travels pretty much just for Aikido.

Massimo Bocus has the task of ensuring the proper functioning of the association. Check complex and impenetrable world of accounting and regulations so that nothing is done in an approximate way. Massimo is also a fan of martial arts, he studied with Maestro Barioli Judo and Aikido with Master Fujimoto.

Mario Falsone coordinates all of the printing association. He is 4th dan Judo and is currently attending the school of Maestro Vismara and Busen of Maestro Barioli. 


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